Bagging The Ethels With The Main Man Lenny: part 1

Bagging The Ethels With The Main Man Lenny: part 1

The Ethels are 95 hills in the Peak District, mainly over 400m. They are a tribute to Ethel Haythornthwaite who was one of the founding pioneers of the Peak District National Park .

Mim and I have walked many of these over the years, however, we want Lenny to walk all of them with us. So, we have started from scratch with our best pal Henghis, the first 3 were over near Hollinsclough.

This is ongoing adventure is hugely important for us because the peak District will always be Lenny’s spiritual home, just like his Mum and Dad!

The next day we went to Higger Tor and Stanage Edge to bag two more, with some more pals EL and Clive- a pair of talented lookers!

Also, these pictures are not a representation of how we feel most of the time…. these are the highlights, most of the time we feel crap, our baby died!!!!

5/95 done!

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