Sophie’s Sunset Ski with Lenny

Sophie’s Sunset Ski with Lenny

It was the 1st March and I was at the end of a beautiful sunny day of skiing in the Austrian Alps with friends. We were one of the last to leave the apres-ski bar at the top of the mountain and so, as we set off for our final descent of the day, the sun was setting serenely over the freshly-groomed and deserted slopes. The rest of the group sped off in front of me but I decided the atmosphere was too special to forget and so I held back to gaze at the landscape and snap a quick photo (see below!). Just as I thought things couldn’t be more perfect, I felt Lenny nestle himself warmly & gently into the moment with me and remember just smiling and thinking, “Oh, hello”. Everything was far too tranquil and beautiful to feel sadness and instead my natural reaction was to hold Lenny closely in my heart and take him for a little ride down the mountain. Every skier will have special memories of particular ski runs and this for me is one that I will hold close forever thanks to Lenny. 
To Roy & Mim – thank you for inviting us to share our own adventures with Lenny, it is such a perfect way to channel our love for him and I am excited for the next time he decides to tag along ❤️

Lenny's Legacy


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