A grand day out with Sazzle and lady Jess

A grand day out with Sazzle and lady Jess

Lenny, I set off with mum and dad, Bella and Mac and you had old lady Jessica (beautiful and loyal) on her lead with you. As we set off your dad said “it’s nice not to have to plan a walk”. Striding forward I felt confident in my ability to get us down Dovedale to Milldale and up Bailey Hill and back to the car. Easy peasy. I’d done it before. Dovedale is one of my favourites and can you believe it Lenny, dad wasn’t sure whether he’d done the walk before. Surely we hadn’t found a walk that dad hadn’t done. Turns out he had but just joined it later on down the path. Obviously. I am now determined to find a walk in the peaks that he hasn’t done. The weather was lovely and we walked along the river thinking about you and Jess, chatting and occasionally smiling and laughing. We had a pack up at Milldale and then started the accent to Bailey Hill. We climbed steep and quickly and then the path disappeared. Oh no… its going to happen… dad is going to have to take over the reins… out comes the GPS tracker app. Damn it. We skirted round Bailey Hill as it didn’t look as though there was any way to get up there. We walked past a farm and joined the path again descending down to dovedale, down the river and back. It was a beautiful day, the longest walk that Mac had done without getting in mum or dad’s coats. And it felt nice that you were with us and that you and Jessique are looking after each other.

love Sarah x

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