Their Mum

Their Mum

She’s MINT!!!!!!

My words cannot do this incredible mother, wife and absolute warrior justice! But seeing it is out 10 year wedding anniversary I’m going to try, it cant be worse than that poor speech I did at our wedding!. We met at the University of Sheffield, we both had a passion for the outdoors and a good party! We quickly fell in love at the climbing wall and a first date at Casanova, what a romantic!

From first meeting Mim, I knew she loved life, she was always up for an adventure and I knew that our souls were connected. Is such a cliché, but I do believe that she is ‘the one’ I can’t imagine living this life with anyone other that Mim- Some people may think this is bullshit, unlucky!

Getting married was important to me, so we did, she was up for it! Boom!

After getting married, we have had one hell of a life ride, it has been funny, hard, sad, happy, exciting, scary, challenging, exhilarating, passionate (Wink), heart-breaking, lonely, fun, euphoric and full of LOVE! …. We’ve not had it easy! but our love for each other is the one thing that I can rely on in this world of uncertainty.

Many people have described Mim as a marine! In some ways I totally agree, she doesn’t stop in the pursuit of a goal, and will achieve that goal to the highest of standards, whether that’s climbing a mountain, cycling up a long hill, reconvening form an incurable chronic illness, achieving a prize for academic excellence for the highest score in the law department or building a valued relationship. However, I’ve met very few marines that have the thought for others, and softness that his amazing Mum has.

Others have underestimated this small petite lady and they are ALWAYS blown away! I know Mim the best and even now she continues to surprise me. Since Lenny died her compassion and kindness has been something that is rarely seen in this world. She approaches her decisions with love and thought for others which absolutely puts me to shame! I hate the world and all people at the moment, however she still has the ability to see things from other peoples point of view and puts others before her self. This is remarkable in such a time of challenge.

One of the most difficult things for me at the moment, is knowing that Lenny and Bhai are not going to experience the time with their mother that they should have, I know how amazing she is with living children, she is a fantastic mum and I wished more than anything that Lenny and Bhai could have experienced more of the love and adventures she has to give.

Mim has been dealt the unfairest of hands in life, however she gets up every day and faces the future fearlessly. Over 10 years of marriage, I have fell more in love with this remarkable woman. our love continues to grow and is the only positive thing in my life at the moment. She is not only my other half she is a complete part of me that I cannot love without. I would love to say our future is full of happiness, however, I know that our world is a very unpredictable and harsh place, But one thing I do know is that whatever I face in the future, there will be one person by my side, she is the mother of my beautiful children. I do hope that the next 10 years are a little easier her.

I love you Mim and ALWAYS will xxx

PS. Sorry for the poor grammar, Mim didn’t check this one!!!

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2 thoughts on “Their Mum

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman, I’m so proud to call her a friend. To me you guys have always been Mim and Roy, you just make sense together, you are the milk to her tea and together you make the cuppa that is just right! your love for each other is constant, aspiring and as strong as you guys after a PT session!

    Lenny and Bhai, you came from a place of the greatest love and if there’s one thing for sure it’s that your mum and dad will be by each other’s side no matter what.

  2. “Though she be but little she is fierce.”

    “Though she be but little she is mint!”

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