About us

About us

It all began in some student halls in Sheffield in 2008. A random act of kindness for a stranger led to us being introduced, we soon got talking about climbing and the rest is history. We became close very quickly and spent most of our time together in the Peak District or on nights out in Sheffield. It was clear early on we were kindred spirits – two down to earth people from Derbyshire with a shared passion for the outdoors and adventure.

We got married in 2012 – we were only 24 and didn’t have a clue what we were doing or why everyone kept talking about ‘wedding breakfast’ when it started in the afternoon – but we did know we were serious about being on each other’s team for life. Shortly after our wedding, Mim became seriously ill with a chronic illness, the prescribed medication was harmful to an unborn baby so we had to begin to accept that we could never have our own biological children. However, after 5 years in a wheelchair and a lot of research and a long story worthy of it’s own website – Mim made an unexpected full recovery.

Our adventures hadn’t been on hold during this time but they were significantly modified. Once Mim recovered we travelled to the Canadian Rockies, Mim ran a half marathon, we did two epic European road trips in our ‘campervan’ (a panel van with a mattress in the back), two back-to-back cycle tours, went to boomtown festival – we basically crammed in lots of adventures.

Amongst all the adventuring we had conversations about children but we knew we had to be sure – really really sure, it is a huge decision for anyone but for us it risked Mim’s health – the biggest risk for relapse being pregnancy and postpartum.

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