Our vision is to build a society where there is greater awareness of all forms of baby loss to reduce stigma and isolation faced by bereaved parents and that people feel better equipped to provide support and hope for grieving parents.


  1. The advancement of education in the UK for the public benefit by providing objective research summaries for parents to make informed decisions about their care and raising awareness about issues related to baby loss;
  2. The advancement of health for the public benefit by providing information and training to support medical professionals in providing high quality bereavement care to parents who have suffered baby loss in the UK; and
  3. To relieve the needs of parents who have experienced baby loss by providing information and guidance to enable family and friends of the bereaved to offer ongoing support and through the provision of items and services designed to provide comfort and assist in the grieving process

How we will achieve this

Create support videos and leaflets for parents, friends and families, healthcare professionals and employers to advise on how best to support grieving parents at different stages.

Create and distribute the resources locally then nationally

Inform society as a whole about different aspects of child loss via social media and blog posts

Open up dialogue with wider society by making the site accessible for all especially for Dads

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